Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Bilingual Services for Poles and Brits

Reach out for new Polish clients!

If you address your message to Poles you might need your website and promotional materials in Polish. It's not the easiest language so you should make sure that you will not be laughed at when your potential partners look at your advert or leaflet. This could be the case if you employ a non-competent language user or worse, a google translator…
Apart from being linguistically correct, a well translated version will give your material authority.  Whereas inaccurate copy, will seriously weaken the strength of the message. This could result in a loss of clients.
Our experienced writers, editors and proofreaders have the ability to deal with such tasks. We will solely use professionals whose experience would suit your purpose.  Whenever you need a bilingual website, a Polish version of your advert, manual or a medical leaflet, we can help you.
We offer:

  • English-Polish website translation
  • bilingual website writing, editing and proofreading
  • online content update and preparation
  • promotional articles about companies and products
  • press releases
  • promotional campaigns in print and electronic media
  • company and product launching
  • business card, leaflets and promotional material content
  • website content and design
  • business cards, leaflets and promotional material content and design