Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Bilingual Services for Poles and Brits

Helping you to break the language barrier.

There is about six hundred thousand Poles living and working in the UK. Polish is not the most easy language at the planet and not every Pole is a competent English user... So if you are targeting the Polish community in the UK, you might need some help with communication.
Here we come! Our linguists are bilingual professionals certified by Chartered Institute of Linguists and other professional bodies. We have done hundreds of hours of interpreting for a public and private sectors. We offer face to face and telephone interpreting as well as translation services.
Our clients portfolio includes legal firm and solicitors, courts and detention centers, NHS and private health and insurance companies , Social Service and charitable organisations. We work for educational bodies, employees and employers. We also serve business clients, for whom we prepare bilingual website content and promotional materials.

Our services includes:

  • English-Polish face to face and telephone interpreting
  • telephone interpreting and representation with Polish counterpart
  • translating and filling forms in Polish
  • language support with Polish institutions and authorities
  • research on Polish subjects
  • business interpreting
  • individual and group interpreting during staff training sessions
  • translation of educational materials
  • Internet communication and language assistance with Polish partners
  • documents and official letters translation
  • products information, leaflets and manuals translation into Polish
  • bilingual English-Polish websites
  • writing, editing and proofreading in Polish