Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Bilingual Services for Poles and Brits

We started nearly a decade ago by organising Polish-British events in London in partnership with the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.  Apart from facilitating access to accurate knowledge and business contacts, we also wanted to help Poles living in the UK cross communication and cultural barriers.
The main targets for these activities, to which we invited the
mainstream Polish media, were two groups of Poles.  The first was Polish entrepreneurs interested in running a business in the UK. The second was Polish professionals seeking an opportunity of developing their professional career in London.  An additional group was British people interested in cooperation with Poles or Poland.
The list of our events included integration and networking events for companies and special seminars, dedicated to different aspects of business.  Implemented bilingually, they reached not only a large group of Poles but also many British people and firms interested in Polish subjects.
For Polish professionals we staged several recruitment fairs.  They
featured around a hundred employers interested in the recruitment of Polish workers. The number of candidates who attended exceeded seven thousand.
To answer emerging needs, we have widened our Polish-British
partners base and our services.  We now also provide English-Polish interpreting, translation, language assistance and representation for matters regarding both British and Polish institutions.
We also run a bilingual PR service for small companies. This includes writing, translating and editing company’s promotional articles, websites, content preparation, marketing and media services.
To Polish professionals and also to British employers we have created a special section entitled Work in the UK. Here, we provide a comprehensive service for both parties.  It includes registration with professional bodies, training and matching suitable professionals with the right employer. We are focused on this area of the British employment market, which are in need of talented, well-educated staff.
We offer a bespoke and well-priced service, without compromising its quality.




Introducing Mira Faber
Mira Faber is the main inspiration behind Polish Events.  She has been living in London since 2002.  Mira came from Krakow, where she worked as a journalist and also ran her own business.  In London she has worked for different Polish magazines, written articles and provided interpreting, translation and other services for Polish and British organisations, as well as for private clients.
Mira is a graduate of Jagiellonian University, a member of the Federation of Polish Journalists (SDP) and of Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).

“7 Question” – Interview with Mira Faber by Piotr Gulbicki , The Polish Daily, 11.10 .2011